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Icmeler is one of the most visited places in the world because of its great environment and weather, which favors tourism activities. It receives many tourists annually due to the presence of water sports as it neighbours the Mediterranean Sea. As such, visitors from all over the world come to enjoy themselves in the cosy environment of Icmeler. Icmeler weather is ideal for anyone wishing to experience a holiday vacation with the family. Sports like deep sea diving and skiing are a sure thing for the visitors who want to get the full experience of the town.

The Mediterranean Sea gives the town a climate that is suitable for one to enjoy while in their vacation. During summer, temperatures go up to a high of 25°C and a low of 6°C on land. However, the sea water temperatures are favorable for skiing and other water sports that take place in the area. The summers in Icmeler are hot and dry making them to be best for visitors while they are basking under the warm sun and participating in water games and sports. It is a load of fun-filled activities during summer in Icmeler. Icmeler weather in summer starts during May and goes all the way to the month of October. However, the months of July and August are the hottest months of the year.

Autumn is another favourite season for visitors to enjoy their stay in Icmeler. It is experienced during the months of September to the October. During this season, the amount of rainfall is relatively low so you get to enjoy the outdoor activities without much interference. Temperatures during the winter season are low. It is a time when most activities are carried out indoor because it is relatively wet. This is experienced during the months of December and January where the amount of rainfall is higher than in autumn. Fortunately, there are a few days during this season where the sun shines all day. This gives you the chance to explore and enjoy the serene environment in Icmeler.

Are you in need of moderate temperatures and quiet environment that will help you meditate and have a relaxation that you have been craving for? If so, then spring is the best season for you to visit Icmeler. Icmeler weather during this period is amazing and peaceful for visitors who want some tranquil time on their part. The temperatures are cool and the weather is just right for a cool relaxation. This is experienced during the months of March, April and May. This season receives low amount of rainfall and hence suitable to enjoy the stay.

Icmeler weather is certainly the best for anyone wishing to take a long vacation. This is evident as the hot summers are the longest of all other seasons. Therefore, for those who enjoy great holidays under the sun, this is the place to be as the sun days and months are longer than in any other season. You only have to choose a good season that you are confortable with and enjoy great adventures in Icmeler.

Extreme Maximum, Minimum and Average Temperatures Measured in Long Period (°C)
ICMELER January February March April May June July August September October November December
Maximum Temp. 20.7 24.0 28.4 31.0 36.0 41.2 45.2 42.6 40.7 39.0 31.6 22.2
Minimum Temp. -2.4 -3.4 -1.2 1.4 8.0 12.5 16.8 16.7 12.8 5.5 1.4 -1.0
Average Temp. 10.7 10.8 12.7 15.9 20.6 25.5 28.3 28.0 24.7 20.1 15.2 12.0



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