Icmeler villages

Icmeler villages are located nearby. By boat trips or Dolmus buses you can go to the small old villages located close to Icmeler. There are many Greek villages on the other side of the sea. You can visit either Greek villages or Turkish. Both have a different culture but the ancient customs are still restored at these villages many having very little modern faculties and untouched by commercialization.

The people of these villages have simple, satisfied lifestyles and are very compliant with the visitors. You can visit the village, Turunc located in between hills, Selimiye is a fishing village, Sogut village has a old church .You should visit the Turkish House, ruins of  roman civilization, Village Mosque present at these villages. Many landscapes you can visit at these villages like the waterfalls and Paradise Island.

Wednesday markets organized at Icmeler are held by the local villagers who bring the items that are prepared at these villages.

Icmeler villages


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