Icmeler shopping and nightlife

Icmeler shopping is a very popular thing to do. At Icmeler the local market is held on Wednesday called the Wednesday market. At Wednesday market you can get very low cost and traditional locally made Turkish items like spices ,honey etc. Don’t shy away from bargaining.

There is shopping mall also present at Icmeler where you can get many essential items required on day to day basis. You can shop for jewellery, gold ,silver ,metal wares and cheap , not branded designer clothes.

There are many good popular hotels and restaurants at Icmeler that serve good Turkish food and you can also get a restaurant serving food of your choice. After 11 pm resturants serve drinks and little dance parties, disco, karaoke  are also organized at few bars.

You don’t have much noisy late night parties ,bars and clubs at Icmeler. Night life is silent and peaceful.

icmeler shopping


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