Icmeler excursions – Jeep Safari Trips

There are many fun Icmeler excursions, one that should be on top of your list is a Jeep Safari. A trip on Jeep Safari is most enjoyable experience and is a must at Icmeler. It takes £12 for adults and £6 for kids and the cost includes the lunch.

You should buy water guns and water bottles as you will get soaked and dirty. You can hire water guns from the supermarket. The jeep safari takes you to the forests ,hills and is driven off the road by the specialized Turkish drivers.

The Jeep Safari stops at the Selale waterfalls located close to Bayir village ,where you are provided with lunch. The water of waterfalls is chilly and it is very refreshing to be visited. You can take many photographs at this location as it is a very picturesque view of water falling from the mountains surrounded by trees ,forests and hills.

There are many good restaurants and bars located in the area close to the waterfalls.

You can also take a horse Safari trips to the hills an forests.

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