Icmeler excursions – boat trips

There many Icmeler excursions available. In peak season lots of visitors come to Icmeler .You can escape on whole day boat trips to nearby invigorating locations. Many day boat trips are available from Icmeler to nearby resort towns, islands, swimming areas, forests, hills and villages .

You can ask for a boat trip, it cost only £5 -£8, depending on your choice for place. Boat trips are arranged by restaurants like the Eren Boat, The Dreamboats, The Lazy day boat tips and all the day meals are included in the cost .

Like a trip to Dalyan river, sulphur mud baths will stop for a barbeque, relax on Turtle beach and see the Tombs in the mountains. Complete entertainment and worthy boat trips are arranged by booking kiosks that divulge fantastic scenery and includes hotel pick up, transfers and lunch on board for 10 quid each booked in resort.

icmeler excursions


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