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Icmeler Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. Over the years it has grown in increased popularity. This popular holiday resort is just 8 kilometres away from the busy port of Marmaris, a very vibrant Turkish tourist resort. The beach front of Icmeler is simply stunning which has very well maintained path that leads all the way to Marmaris. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the beach front in Icmeler from the harbour area. The beach is perfect for a stroll at night. You can take a walk, enjoy an ice cream or visit one of many nice restaurants and bars. The whole beach area as well as the surroundings area are lit up very well and just simply look fabulous.

If you love clean sea, wonderful surroundings and low humidity then Icmeler beach is the perfect leisure destination for you. There are plenty of things to do when you visit this gorgeous and beautiful beach in Turkey. You can get clean and fresh pine-tree air to take a deep breath in and feel relaxed. There are large sun longer areas on the beach. The sun loungers are spaced out comfortably so that you can enjoy your privacy and surroundings. The beach offers a lot of options for sun loungers at a cost of just a few liras each.

The beach itself is long. Icmeler is not crowded although it is not that quiet it used to be some years ago. It has become a popular holiday and leisure spot now. The beach front in specific is great for a stroll. There is no road by beach so it is very pleasant to walk along and enjoy a great time. The sand is almost white and clean. The locals are very friendly with very relaxed attitude. If you love swimming and surfing the water then there is a protective float ring which is about 50 yards out to see providing great security to the swimmers and surfers. There are lots of water sports.

Your money will not be drained out when it comes to eating the delicious Turkish food and drinks. Snacks and drinks are reasonably priced at the beach. There are many beach side eateries or food joints where you can get Turkish food at great prices if you are hungry. There are lots of nice restaurants, cafes and ice cream stalls on the beach if you need to be kept refreshed. Most importantly Icmeler beach is a hassle free area. The security or safety is not an issue at all.

Icmeler is a fast growing tourist spot today because of its stunning beach and beautiful surroundings. There are many good hotels to stay while you visit Icmeler. The promenade is very nice with lovely hotel gardens onto it. There are lots of shops and restaurants around. It is well-connected to Marmaris. Icmeler beach is relatively much smaller, protected, and cannot be expanded. It is particularly ideal for families to visit and enjoy a great holiday. The beach is very clean, the sea is clear, the food is great and the people are very friendly. What more can you expect from this simply wonderful Icmeler beach!



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