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Out of the many places where people visit, there is one location which has had its fair share of popularity and acceptance. This is area of Icmeler which is the popular Turkish town. The place is located approximately 8KM from Marmaris. Icmeler has a limited history which mainly revolves around fishing. The location originally started as a fishing village which was quieter compared to the neighboring places. Its progress and development was fuelled by the need of tourists to get a more silent place where they could rest without a worry in the world. It is through this, that the town came up as an enticing tourist destination.

Within a period of about 15 years, the place has immensely changed in many aspects. Luckily, this changes are considered more constructive that destructive. The area has opened up to developments in all aspects ranging from hotels to nightclubs and relaxation joints. However, the beauty of the place has not been overshadowed with excess developments. The developments are well maintained to ensure balance and therefore, the place still enjoys wonderful accommodative environment to the people. The natural relaxing environment is still evident and immensely treasured.

Additionally, this location cannot be reviewed without looking at what entices the people to come and spend time here. Icmeler has become a dear location to most tourists and this is evident through the annual visits by travelers from diverse places. The amazing beach is one of the main attractions which gives the people a wonderful time away from the daily hassles of life. Notably, one does not only get to bask under the sun but also participate in certain water sports which have hit the location with a bang. These are namely, water skiing and scuba diving among others. With such activities, the tourists have no option but to keep on coming back for more adventure.

Similar to other locations, there is the aspect of life beyond the daytime. This is in respect to nightlife and clubs. This place also has its nightlife though it cannot be compared to that in Marmaris. There are enough clubs where people can go and have a good time either for the early part of the evening or the entire night. It all depends on how far one is willing to go. From the early evening to around midnight, different shows and karaoke performances take place in the various pubs and restaurants. However after that hour, the nightclubs tend to be the places to go for. In addition to this, the locals here are much welcoming and friendly to the visitors.

When it comes to the climate of Icmeler, it is Mediterranean which is usually hot and dry during the summer periods. Rainfall is only experienced during the winter. The highest temperatures are mainly experienced during the months of July and august. Therefore, people tend to visit the place within the months of April and September when the temperatures are conducive for a vacation. Conclusively, Icmeler is a place which has proven favorable in many aspects and most outstanding compared to other locations.


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